Container Corporation of India Ltd. (NSE:CONCOR), was incorporated in March 1988 under the Companies Act, and commenced operation from November 1989 taking over the existing network of 7 ICDs from the Indian Railways. 1

From its humble beginning, it is now an undisputed market leader having the largest network of 63 ICDs/CFSs in India (59 terminals and 4 strategic tie-ups). In addition to providing inland transport by rail for containers, it has also expanded to cover management of Ports, air cargo complexes and establishing cold-chain. It has and will continue to play the role of promoting containerization in India by virtue of its modern rail wagon fleet, customer friendly commercial practices and extensively used Information Technology. The company developed multimodal logistics support for India's International and Domestic containerization and trade. Though rail is the main stay of its transportation plan, road services and also provided to cater to the need of door-to-door services, whether in the International or Domestic business.

CONCOR is committed to providing responsive, cost effective, efficient and reliable logistics solution to its customers. It strives to be the first choice for its customers. CONCOR is a customer focused, performance driven, result oriented organization, focused on providing value for money to its customers


CONCOR Container Terminals

 (as on 01/07/2020)

Concor's AreaExim TerminalsMixed Exim+Domestic TerminalsDomestic TerminalsStrategic Tie-Ups(04)/Dl NodeNo. Of Terminals
AREA-I (NORTH)1. Tughlakabad(Delhi)1. Ahmedgarh - JVC - PLIL (MMLP)1. Phillaur (Ludhiana)1. PSWC Dhappar: 21
(Services are available in Delhi , UP, Haryana, Punjab , Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh U.P, Uttarakhand, M.P. & Rajasthan)2. Dhandharikalan(Ludhiana)2. MMLP, Barhi2. Khemli (Udaipur)2. HSWC Rewari 
 3. Baddi3. Moradabad3. Suranassi  
  4. Kanakpura(Jaipur)4. Dhappar  
  5. Bhagat ki Kothi (Jodhpur)   
  6. Kathuwas (Neemrana) (MMLP)   
  7. Dadri (Greater Noida)   
  8. Pantnagar - JVC- SCICL (MMLP)   
  9. Malanpur (Gwalior)   
  10. Agra East Bank (Agra)   
  11. Kanpur   
  12. Ravtha Road (Kota)   
AREA-II (WEST)4. New Mulund (Mumbai)13. Balli5. Pithampur (Indore)3. Sukhpur(PFT): 17
(Services are available in MP, Maharashtra & Goa,Gujarat, Diu 14. Mihan - Nagpur (MMLP)6. Turbhe (Mumbai)4. PILH (Pipavav Integrated Logistics Hub) 
  15. Daulatabad (Aurangabad)7. Chhanni (Vadodara)  
  16. Mandideep (Bhopal)8. Gandhidham  
  17. Dronagiri Node (Mumbai)   
  18. Tihi (MMLP)   
  19. Varnama (MMLP)   
  20. Khodiyar (Ahmedabad)   
  21. Vadodara (RCT)   
  22. Ankleshwar   
AREA-III (SOUTH)5. Milavattan (Tuticorin)23. Whitefield (Bangalore)9. New Mangalore Port (NMPT)5.Chennai DL Node: 16
(Services are available in Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Kerala,Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Telengana)6. Tiruppur24. Irugur (Coimbatore)10. Nagulapally (Hyderabad) (MMLP)  
 7. Harbour of Madras (Chennai)25. Tondiarpet (Chennai)11. Krishnapatnam(Ph-1) MMLP  
 8. Sriperumbadur26. Vallarpadam   
  27. Naya Raipur (MMLP)   
  28. Guntur   
  29. Sanathnagar (Hyderabad)   
  30. Vishakhapatnam (MMLP)   
AREA-IV (EAST)9. Paradip Port (PSCT)31. Majerhat (Kolkata)12. Fatuha (Patna) : 10
(Services are available in West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattishgarh & North Eastern states) 32. Amingaon (Guwahati)13. Shalimar (Kolkata)  
  33. Jharsuguda(MMLP)14. Durgapur  
   15. Haldia  
   16. Bodhjungnagar  
   17. Balasore  
Grand Total93317564


Business Overview

CONCOR's core business is characterised by three distinct activities, that of a carrier, a terminal operator, and a warehouse operator.2


Rail is the mainstay of CONCOR's transportation plans & strategy. Majority of CONCOR terminals are rail-linked, with rail as the main carrier for haulage. Facilities are, however, provided for first and last mile transportation by road also. As rail is price-competitive over long distances, the price advantage can be passed on to clients, thus allowing for flexible and competitive pricing. The rail link also plays a major role in decongesting its ports and the road corridors that lead to these ports.

Though rail is the mainstay of CONCOR's transportation plan, some CONCOR terminals are exclusively road-fed as well. Road services are mostly in the form of supplementary services to provide the door to door linkages having carried the bulk of long lead by rail. However, where ever it is operationally or economically a superior option, road is used as an alternative to rail as well.

Terminal and CFS Operator

CONCOR started operations in November 1989 with 7 Inland Container Depots (ICDs). CONCOR has since extended the network to a total of 63 terminals, of which 9 are export-import container depots,4 strategic tieups and 17 exclusive domestic container depots and as many as 33 terminals perform the combined role of domestic as well as international terminals. (terminal map)

CONCOR's customs bonded Inland Container depots are dry ports in the hinterland, and serve the purpose of bringing all port facilities including Customs clearance to the customer's doorstep. The terminals are almost always linked by rail to the Indian Railway network, unless their size or location dictates that they be linked by road. The rail links enable it to facilitate the moving of large volumes over long distances in the most cost effective manner.

CONCOR's terminals provide a spectrum of facilities in terms of warehousing, container parking, repair facilities, and even office complexes. As CFS operator, CONCOR adds value to the logistics chain by offering value added services such as

  • Transit warehousing for import and export cargo
  • Bonded warehousing, enabling importers to store cargo and take partial deliveries, thereby deferring duty payment
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation, and reworking of LCL cargo at nominated hubs
  • Air cargo clearance using bonded trucking

In the area of domestic business door pick up and door delivery services are the most popular. The company also use its terminal network to plan hub and spoke movements that allow single customers to move cargo to multiple locations at a single time, with CONCOR taking care of the distribution and re distribution requirements.

The key value the company offer is the provision of a single-window facility co-ordinating with all the different agencies and services involved in the containerized cargo trade, from Customs, Gateway Ports, and Railways, to road hauliers, consolidators, Forwarders, Custom House Agents and shipping lines. To achieve a high degree of customization, the company offer packages designed to provide the most cost-effective combination of road and rail. This enables it to offer services which can be individually tailored to every customers specifications, minimizing customers own efforts.

CONCOR Last Mile Logistics Limited

CONCOR Last Mile Logistics Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Container Corporation of India Limited has been incorporated on 06.01.2020 with the objective of strengthening the first and last mile connectivity through a multi vendor arrangement at the most competitive rates through the process of reverse auction among the empanelled vendors at the terminals under FMLM arrangement . The digital app based FMLM will pave the way for building up of a robust ,reliable efficient and cost effective platform for the esteemed customers. The intention will be to generate confidence among the customers with the main focus on reduction in the overall logistics cost and a determined beginning towards developing a single window solution for the customer serving their requirements to their utmost satisfaction

Industry Overview

Indian Railways registered a marginal decrease of 1.04% in originating loading of cargo, from 1223.17 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 1210.46 million tonnes in 2019-20. However, originating containerized cargo transported by rail has increased from 60.14 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 61.22 million tonnes in 2019-20 reflecting an increase of 1.80%. The containers handled at all ports of the country registered a growth of 6.76% from 15.41 million TEUs in 2018-19 to 16.45 million TEUs in 2019-20. While Mundra Port registered a growth of 5.97%, Pipavav Port registered a growth of 1.26% in container handling in 2019-20 as compared to 2018-19. However, the largest container handling port of the country, JN Port recorded a decrease of 1.99%, from 5.13 million TEUs in 2018-19 to 5.03 million TEUs in 2019-20. In value terms, total exports of the country went down by 4.78% from 330.08 billion dollars in 2018-19 to 314.31 billion dollars in 2019-20. Imports of the country have also gone down by 9.12% from 507.44 billion dollars in 2018-19 to 467.19 billion dollars in 2019-20. CONCOR experienced a rise in export of commodities such as Aluminum Alloy, Food Items, Medicines, Machines, Non Haz. Chemicals, Iron Artware while import of commodities such as Auto Parts, News Print, Furniture, Solar Module, Aluminum Scrap and Polyester Goods increased.3

In the above mentioned external business environment, the company carried 40.43 million tons of containerized cargo by rail during FY 2019-20, decrease of 7.05% from 43.50 million tons carried in 2018-19. The company achieved throughput of 3.75 million TEUs in FY 2019-20 as against 3.83 million TEUs in FY 2018-19 i.e. marginal drop of 2.13% despite outbreak of COVID-19. The company also continued to place great emphasis on providing total logistics solutions to its customers by expanding the business in all segments of transport value chain, both in EXIM and Domestic sector. Emphasis was also on optimal utilization of infrastructure with complete cost control, combined with strategy of expansion into other segments of value chain with overall objective of making logistics services effective, efficient and competitive.

Exim & Domestic Business

During 2019-20, the EXIM container traffic handled at all Indian ports increased by 6.76% as compared to 2018- 19. However, in EXIM segment the company handled 3.15 million TEUs in 2019-20 as against 3.24 million TEUs in 2018-19. In terms of tonnage, the decrease in EXIM originating loading was 8.93% from 35.60 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 32.68 million tonnes in 2019-20.

The total traffic handled in domestic segment was 593,162 TEUs in 2019-20 as against 584,160 TEUs in 2018-19 i.e. an increase of 1.54%. However, in terms of tonnage, there was a marginal decrease in domestic originating loading of 1.80% from 7.89 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 7.75 million tonnes in 2019-20. During the same period, domestic containerized loading of Indian Railways decreased by 4.56% from 11.85 million tonnes in 2018-19 to 11.31 million tonnes in 2019-20. The company's market share in total domestic business increased from 66.36% in 2018-19 to 68.52% in 2019-20.


Financial Highlights

The operating turnover of the company registered a decline of 5.93% during the year under review from Rs.6,881.91 crores in the previous year to Rs.6,473.79 crores in the current year. Total expenditure decreased by 3.24% from Rs.5,527.26 crores in 2018-19 to Rs.5,347.93 crores in 2019-20. The profit before tax works out to Rs.523.96 crores, a decrease of 68.98% over 2018-19. After making provisions for income tax, tax adjustments, the profit stands at Rs.375.78 crores, which is 69.08% lower than last year. This decrease in profit before tax and profit after tax were mainly attributable to provision of Rs.861.05 crores for amount receivable on account of benefit under Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS) and Rs.20.58 crores for impairment loss of Investment in M/s Fresh & Healthy Enterprises Limited (FHEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of CONCOR.

New Terminals & Terminal Network Expansion:

During the year, the Company has further strengthened its existing Terminal Network to provide efficient services to its customers. Presently, the Company has been operating at 63 terminals in total, out of which 59 are its own terminals (9 pure EXIM, 33 Combined Container, 17 pure Domestic) and it has entered into 4 (four) Strategic tie ups for various locations.

Phase wise commissioning of three facilities / MMLPs at Mundra and Dahez (Gujrat) and Jajpur (Odisha) are planned in FY 2020-21.

As a part of overall strategy of expansion and entry into new areas of business to complement CONCOR's position as a Multimodal Logistics service provider, CONCOR has entered into coastal shipping operations, Distribution Logistics, warehousing, First Mile Last Mile Logistics, and Bulk movement of Cargo in Containers among other initiatives.

High Speed Wagons, Containers and Handling Equipments

In order to strengthen and improve the service level, during the year under review 80 Bogie Low Longer (BLL) wagons were added to the existing fleet of CONCOR owned wagons, increasing the holding of BLC and BLL wagons to 13,497. During the year, 2,005 numbers of BLC wagons converted into Bogie Low Container Modified (BLCM) rakes with increasing axle load capacity from 20.3T to 22T. Further, 470 numbers of BLCM wagons have been taken on Lease for the period of 10 years. Therefore, total wagons (BLC+BLCM+BLL+BFKHN+BVZI) holding, including leased wagons as on 31.03.2020 was 15,578 and first time procurement of 25 Ton axle high speed BLCS wagons is under process.

During the FY 2019-20, 5,601 twenty feet containers have been inducted in CONCOR’s fleet of domestic containers. Further, 289 containers have been off-hired / auctioned during FY 2019-20. As on 31.03.2020 the company has 30,994 (owned plus leased) containers.

During the year 2019-20, total 29 numbers of Reach Stackers (RSTs) have been added to the existing fleet of CONCOR owned RSTs. As on 31.03.2020, the Company owned 111 RSTs and 16 Gantry cranes.

Container Corp Consolidated September 2020 Quarterly Result 4

November 06, 2020 Net Sales at Rs 1,509.30 crore in September 2020 down 14.03% from Rs. 1,755.61 crore in September 2019.

Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 184.62 crore in September 2020 up 155.62% from Rs. 331.95 crore in September 2019.

EBITDA stands at Rs. 380.63 crore in September 2020 down 20.19% from Rs. 476.91 crore in September 2019.

Container Corp EPS has increased to Rs. 3.02 in September 2020 from Rs. 5.46 in September 2019.


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