1.  Dalmia Gold Tea
  2. History of Dalmia Gold Tea
  3. Mission & vision
  4. Business segments 
    1.  R.K. Enterprises
    2. Dalmia Gold Kitchen Spices

5. Product descriptions

5.1. Dalmia Gold Premium Tea

5.2. Dalmia Gold Supreme Tea

5.3. Dalmia Gold Big Brand

5.4. Dalmia Gold Green Tea

5.5. Dalmia Gold Premium Dust Tea

Dalmia Gold Tea

The Dalmia Tea Group, based in Siliguri (Dist. Darjeeling), is a pioneer in blending and packaging of tea in consumer packs based. Dalmia Tea Packaging Private Limited, the tea packaging division of our group, is one of the fastest growing Tea Company in Eastern India with its flagship brand DalmiaGold Tea. DalmiaGold is also present across the spices category with its latest offering of Kitchen spices under the same brand name.


2. History 

Started in 1977, under the leadership of Late Mohanlalji Dalmia the group had a small and humble beginning as a trader of loose tea bags bought from tea auctions and picked from the tea estates across Dooars, Terai, Assam and Darjeeling.

While his vision helped plant the seed more than 40 years back, it has been nurtured and carried forward since then by Late Raj Kumarji Dalmia, a visionary himself. In 1999, with the trust of his customers and the aim of providing with “Nothing but the best”, he led the company’s foray into blending and packaging of premium CTC teas under the flagship brand DalmiaGold Tea. Under his stewardship, in 2007, Dalmia Tea Packaging Private Limited was incorporated and the group diversified into packaging premium kitchen spices under the same brand umbrella, in 2015.

Taking his legacy forward, in April 2017, Mr Krishan Dalmia and Mr Gopal Dalmia, the Executive Director(s) of Dalmia Tea Packaging Private Limited joined the company and took over the entire management after a year. Today the company stands as one of the pioneering tea houses in Eastern India, a registered buyer at all the major tea auction centres and having a sizeable purchase order every week to meet various requirements of the clients.

The company has a robust distribution network of stockists, distributors and retail outlets and stands as a major regional tea brand spread over various districts of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam. With its latest 50,000 sq. ft fully automated state-of-the-art tea blending and packaging unit in North Bengal Tea Park (Siliguri), the company also boasts of multiple other packaging and food(masala) processing units all with ISO 22000 quality certifications from recognised organizations.

Given the importance to maintaining the highest quality standards and having put in place the whole supply chain from estates to cup, DalmiaGold is now an integrated and growing network. Over the years, the company has bagged the “Best Quality Award” from various tea broking firms in the premium CTC tea packaging segment and boasts for its Quality – that demands respect on a national stage.

Today, the company stands as one of the largest tea packaging firms and an undisputed player in the region.

3. Mission & vision

Our team has been working continuously to achieve:

  • Continuous innovation and growth to ensure that the DalmiaGold Tea brand remains relevant to our customers in these ever changing times, specially through launching of new products and services.
  • Belong to an integral part of customers daily beverage needs through variety of products that we offer at every customer segment .
  • Greater expertise in tea blending and packaging, stressing upon technology as the driven and the most primary force.
  • Keeping the best of hygiene and control in place at each step from estate to cup.
  • Expanding our product category line to cater to other food producing needs of the customers both national and international.
  • To ensure our motto of “Promising the real taste” (asli swaadh ka bharosa) is clearly the core value of the DalmiaGold brand to all our stakeholders – Consumers, Distributors, Retailers, Employees and Shareholders.
  • To Become one of the largest tea packaging companies from Eastern India.

    4.Business segments

    1.  R.K. Enterprises- The parent firm of DTPPL, a separate division that caters to the people. At RKE, we cater the needs of consumers looking for economical products that are bleat w good quality blended teas at the most affective price ranges. All the products/brands marketed by RKE are distinctly blended to meet the consumers taste and have been known for their consistent quality and standards that are laid down for each blend.

      Few of these brands are Manpasand Gold Tea, QutubMinar Tea, Lalquila Tea, Lalchai and Neelkam

    2. Dalmia Gold Kitchen Spices-We ventured into the blending, processing and packaging of Kitchen spices in the year 2016. With the aim of packaging the best of spices from across the country, we set out on a journey to explore Indian Spices for it’s rich cultural taste and existence, the objective was to procure raw spices, further to process, blend and packet in our factory. Mastering masala blending is both an art and science. Given the diversity of culture and the wide variety of distinctive cuisines and taste preferences, prevalent across the length and breadth of India, it is a skill that needs perfection and it’s not easy. Each spice has its own distinct identity in terms of taste, aroma, flavour, colour with some even offering numerous health benefits. No wonder, pure spices will always play an integral part in Indian cuisine irrespective of the zone, state, community or the cooking method and hence occupies a very special place of honour.

      We at DalmiaGold, have mastered this art for over 5 years, perfecting and improving our blends to keep pace with ever evolving consumer tastes. At DG, spices are carefully selected from the finest produce of the season from all over the country by our in-house experts. Processing, blending and packing operations are performed at our vast, state-of-the-art factory under stringent quality and hygiene controls conforming to global standards. Every pack that leaves our factory carries the assurance of best quality and purity that DalmiaGold stands for.

5. Product descriptions

5.1. Dalmia Gold Premium Tea

Dalmia Gold Premium Tea

It is our company’s highest selling product, with exquisite taste and aroma, it leads to a fresh golden cup of tea. The best grade CTC teas brought from the most premium and finely plucked tea estates of Dooars and Assam, blended together to ensure an ultimate satisfaction of taste and strength. The blend is specially created with utmost care and passion, to deliver the best at the most affordable price range.

5.2. Dalmia Gold Supreme Tea


It is the most premium product at DalmiaGold with a fine taste and experience. Apart from the best CTC grades of teas, select orthodox long leaves from Assam and Darjeeling are mixed which brings out the best in taste and appearance. Due its distinct quality and liquor it’s definitely a tea connoisseurs first choice. This product truly defines the rich taste of Indian CTC teas which is definitely recognized worldwide for it’s being in itself. It is the strongest and the most enriching blend in terms of freshness and aroma.

5.3. Dalmia Gold Big Brand Tea


As the name goes by, this product is specially prepared for consumers looking for reasonably good taste and liquor at an economical price. Going by the label, this blend definitely attracts consumers looking for the best possible taste and liquor at an affordable cost. This product is more popular and a favourite amongst people who have fondly consumed and trusted it for its consistency in taste at the most effective retail price.

5.4. Dalmia Gold Green Tea


This blend is specially made out of the finest of orthodox green teas and to be consumed without milk. The product contains green teas picked from selected tea estates and blended for a sweet and smooth flavour. This is the best product for consumers looking forward to health benefits out of its consumption which not only helps in loosing weight but also reduces the risk of several heart and lung diseases.

5.5. Dalmia Gold Premium Dust Tea


This product is mastered out of the super fine premium dust grades of teas available in the market. The teas are selectively picked from the estates that manufacture the most premium quality Dust teas and further blended to perfection. Though these are made out of fannings (smaller grade CTC teas) but are still sold more expensive than the whole leaf of cheaper teas because of its very strong liquor and juicy flavourful taste. DalmiaGold Dust tea has a very strong liquor and tastes best with/without milk.

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