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Wilton Risenhoover 50.1 6 Finpedia is a financial wiki. Unlike other financial wikis, //our goal is to develop thorough and complete research reports on every publicly traded company in the world. //These research reports are crowdsourced by people just like you, from public documents such as regulatory filings and news reports.
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Wilton Risenhoover 51.1 8 == Apply to Become an Analyst ==
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Wilton Risenhoover 51.1 10 If you are a working finance professional and would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you. To apply, sign up on this site tell us about your experience by completing your bio. Once completed, we will review and allow access to edit reports. Any bios that remain empty or incomplete after one month will be deleted.
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Wilton Risenhoover 50.1 12 == What is a Company Research Report? ==
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Wilton Risenhoover 50.1 14 A company research report is a document that provides a complete picture of a company and is useful for providing investors with the information they need to make informed investing decisions. Some of the information included in these reports are:
16 * Company Overview
17 * History
18 * Target Market and/or Industry
19 * Products (Currently offered and Pipeline)
20 * Competitive Analysis
21 * Operations
22 * Financial Performance
23 * Potential Catalysts
24 * Risks
26 These research reports are assembled from publicly-available documents, such as company web sites, regulatory filings, press releases, and news stories. As with Wikipedia, we do not want or expect our editors to provide opinion pieces, but rather to assemble factually-correct narratives from existing, authoritative third parties.
28 == Why not Wikipedia? ==
30 Wikipedia, for many very good reasons, has severe restrictions on the amount of text that is quotable. This is primarily to prevent copyright infringement claims. However, since corporate filings are public documents, we believe that assembling research reports from large excerpts of these documents would be relatively free of these types of issues. Additionally, since most companies have a desire to promote more knowledge of their companies, excerpting from corporate web sites or other company materials would also be acceptable.
32 == Coverage by Country ==
34 * [[Australia>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Australia]]
35 * [[Bangladesh>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Bangladesh]]
36 * [[Canada>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Canada]]
37 * [[Hong Kong>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Hong%20Kong]]
38 * [[India>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=India]]
39 * [[Japan>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Japan]]
40 * [[Great Britain>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Great%20Britain]]
41 * [[Singapore>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=Singapore]]
42 * [[United States>>https://finpedia.co/bin/Main/Tags?do=viewTag&tag=USA]]
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Wilton Risenhoover 48.1 46 = The basics =
48 To make the most out of your wiki, log-in and:
50 Use the {{velocity}}$services.icon.render('pencil'){{/velocity}} button above to //edit// this page and start customizing your wiki to your needs.
52 Use the {{velocity}}$services.icon.render('add'){{/velocity}} button above to //add// more pages to your wiki and create the //hierarchy// that best organizes your content.
54 Use the {{velocity}}$services.icon.render('home'){{/velocity}} breadcrumbs located above the title to //navigate// inside your pages. It's easy to get lost in a big wiki without them.
56 You can also use the [[Sandbox>>Sandbox.WebHome]] for more demo content and generally a place to experiment with your wiki's features.
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59 Learn more on how to use XWiki with the {{velocity}}[[Getting Started Guide>>http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Documentation/UserGuide/GettingStarted/WebHome?version=$xwiki.version]]{{/velocity}}.
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