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5 = Company Overview =
8 Shree Cement Limited (NSE: SHREECEM) is an Indian cement manufacturer established in 1979 in Beawar, Ajmer district, Rajasthan. Now headquartered in Kolkata, it is one of the largest cement manufacturers in northern India. It produces synthetic gypsum to replace the use of natural gypsum in cement manufacturing.
11 [[image:SHREECEM1.png]]
14 == Product ==
17 A diversified brand portfolio consisting of Rufon, Bangur Power, Shree Jung Insulators, Bangur Cement and Rockstrong is designed to meet the needs of customers' cross-sections. The latest entrants of these - 'Rufon' and 'Bangur Power' were born from an extensive R&D process. And with these, Shree Cement has brought world-class quality premium cement that promises to deliver only the best and strongest concrete to each customer.।{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
19 **Shee Jung Rodhak Cement**
21 One of the most trusted brands for rust-free construction, Shree Jung Rodhak Cement is the preferred choice of customers of this segment. Its strong corrosion resistant property protects the steel bars used in the reinforced cement concrete construction from rust attack; thereby directly prolonging the life and durability of the structure. An all-purpose cement, it lends impregnable physical and chemical resistance within the concrete against action of deleterious agents like Water, Carbon-dioxide, Sulphates and Chloride Ions.
23 **Bangur Cement**
25 Made using German technology, Bangur Cement is an ideal product developed for the segment of customers who want top-notch quality. With a tagline – Sasta Nahin, Sabse Accha - it clearly positions itself as a high-quality cement.
27 **Rockstrong Cement**
29 High on strength and low on setting time, Rockstrong Cement enables robust construction in quick time. A widely used cement that offers great value at competitive pricing.
31 **Roofon Concrete Master Cement**
33 It is a revolutionary product that matches the attributes of world’s top-quality cement brands. Scientifically formulated by our international technical experts, Roofon Concrete Master Cement offers higher strength to roofs with denser concrete that is crack and rust resistant. Apart from roof slabs, it’s a speciality concrete mix for foundations, columns and beams.
35 **Bangur Power Cement**
37 After huge success of Bangur Cement, Shree recently launched an even more powerful cement that offers extra finesse, smoothness, high volume, higher strength and corrosion resistance. Bangur Power Cement is a specially formulated cement that meets all international standards, to meet the requirements of discerning customers.
39 == Plant ==
41 The company's manufacturing operations are spread across eight states across India। {{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
43 * Beawar
44 * Ras
45 * Khushkhera
46 * Suratgarh
47 * Jobner (Jaipur)
48 * Laksar(Roorkee)
49 * Panipat
50 * Bulandshahr
51 * Aurangabad
52 * Baloda Bazaar (Raipur)
53 * Burudih (Saraikela-Kharswan)
54 * Kodla (Kalaburagi)
57 [[image:SHREECEM0.jpg]]
60 = Industry Overview =
62 While challenging macro-economic conditions coupled with lower infra spending by Governments impacted cement demand, individual housing building segment continued to show good traction.
64 The nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic however affected cement demand towards last days of the close of the financial year 2019-20. Based on cement production data for 11 months upto Feb 20 and expected production for Mar 20, cement production during 2019-20 is expected to remain at around same level as that of 2018-19.
66 The COVID-19 pandemic has dented the cement demand because of nation-wide lockdown and resultant dip in the overall economic activities. The uncertainty around the continuation of the impact of the pandemic makes it difficult to make any proposition about the outlook for the near future. While short term outlook is uncertain, the long-term outlook of the cement industry continues to be positive on account of the various economic reforms, increasing aspirations, sustained consumption momentum and persistent infra spending.
68 = Capacity expansion =
70 During the year, Company completed Clinker Grinding Unit having capacity of 2.5 MTPA at Seraikela- Kharsawan District in Jharkhand. Further Company has following on-going projects:
72 * Clinker grinding unit of 3.0 MTPA at Athagarh Tehsil in Cuttack District of Odisha which has got delayed and is now expected to be completed in second quarter of FY 20-21.
73 * Clinker Grinding Unit of 3.0 MTPA at Patas in Pune District of Maharashtra which is scheduled to be completed by second quarter of FY 20-21.
75 = Financial Highlight =
77 Sales Volume (Cement and Clinker) during the year came down by 3.6% to 24.92 Million Ton mainly because of lockdown announced during last days of March 20. {{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
79 Revenue from Operations was up marginally 1.6% to 11,904.00 Crore mainly because of ` better cement price realization. This include power sales of Rs 515.24 Crore, which was lower compared to Rs 801.88 Crore achieved last year.
81 During the year, the power and fuel costs went lower due to soft petcoke and coal prices. On Raw material cost, Company was able to contain the cost by optimizing its procurement of fly ash and other materials. Company also continued its efforts on cost optimization through innovative and alternative methods across its operations.
83 EBITDA went up 36.2% to 3,946 Crore. This was mainly because of better realisation on account of company's strong brand portfolio including contribution coming in from premium cement brands launched by the company and several Cost optimization measures undertaken during the year.
85 Last year, Company launched Premium cement brands (Roofon and Bangur Power) in the market. Both the premium brands have been well received by the markets. Company now has a complete range of brands to address all segments of cement consumers.
87 During the year 2019-20, Company has paid Interim Dividend of Rs 110/- per equity share of Rs 10/- each for the Financial Year 2019-20 which includes ` 70/- per equity share as normal dividend and Rs 40/- per equity share as additional dividend. Last year Company had paid total dividend of ` 60/- per share (Rs 25/- per Share as Interim Dividend and ` 35/- per Share as Final Dividend).
90 **Shree Cements Consolidated December 2020 Net Sales at Rs 3,541.38 crore, up 12.57% Y-o-Y **{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
92 **February 02, 2021**; Reported Consolidated quarterly numbers for Shree Cements are:
94 * Net Sales at Rs 3,541.38 crore in December 2020 up 12.57% from Rs. 3,146.01 crore in December 2019.
95 * Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 630.87 crore in December 2020 up 103.75% from Rs. 309.63 crore in December 2019.
96 * EBITDA stands at Rs. 1,233.94 crore in December 2020 up 30.54% from Rs. 945.23 crore in December 2019.
97 * Shree Cements EPS has increased to Rs. 174.85 in December 2020 from Rs. 87.55 in December 2019.
100 = References =
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