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5 = Company Overview =
7 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (NSE:TCS, NYSE:TTNQY) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization offering transformational as well as outsourcing services to global enterprises. TCS has a global presence, deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals and a rich portfolio of services – consisting of consulting and service integration, digital transformation services, and cognitive business operations – targeting every C-suite stakeholder. The company use all these, and its industry leading suite of products and platforms to deliver high quality, high impact solutions leveraging the latest technologies to customers across the world.{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
9 == Strategy for Long Term Growth ==
11 TCS has successfully navigated through multiple technology cycles over the last five decades, pivoting and adapting each time to build relevant new capabilities and helping its clients realize the benefits of that new technology. The company's responsiveness, agility and adaptability to change have been core to its longevity.
13 == Services ==
15 * Consulting
16 * TCS Interactive
17 * Analytics and Insights
18 * Internet of Things
19 * Blockchain
20 * Cloud Infrastructure
21 * Enterprise Applications
22 * Microsoft Business Unit
23 * Cognitive Business Operations
24 * Conversational Experiences
25 * Automation & AI
26 * Engineering & Industrial Services
27 * Cloud Apps, Microservices & API
28 * Cyber Security
29 * Quality Engineering
31 == Product and platform ==
33 **Product**
35 * CHROMA™
36 * Customer Intelligence & Insights
37 * ignio™
38 * Intelligent Urban Exchange
39 * Jile™
40 * TCS OmniStore™
41 * TCS Optumera™
42 * Quartz™ - The Smart Ledgers™
43 * TAP™
44 * TCS BaNCS™
45 * TCS iON™
46 * TCS MasterCraft™
48 **Platforms**
50 * Advanced Drug Development
51 * Connected Intelligence Platform
52 * ERP on Cloud
53 * TCS HOBS™
54 * TCS BFSI Platforms
56 = Business Overview =
58 In CY 2019, the global market for software and services is estimated to have grown to $1.5 trillion . IT services is estimated to have grown by 3.5% YoY, characterized by a shift to digital technologies, and adoption of DevOps, and as-a-service models. Business Process Management grew by 4.5% over the prior year driven by a greater focus on robotic process automation as customers automate repetitive tasks and focus on strategic work{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
60 TCS has historically grown much faster than the market. In the latest five-year period, while the market for IT-BPM services expanded by a CAGR of 2.4% (IT Services CAGR: 2.3%), TCS had a CAGR of 7.3% in USD terms. One reason for the outperformance is market share gains on account of superior capabilities, better execution, higher customer satisfaction and greater participation in its customers’ growth and transformation spends.
62 The company leverages all these and its deep contextual knowledge of its customers’ businesses to craft unique, high quality, high impact solutions designed to deliver differentiated business outcomes. These solutions are delivered using the latest technologies through a unique Location Independent Agile™ delivery model, embedding a Machine First™ approach, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.
64 The company's geographic footprint covers North America, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, AsiaPacific, India, and Middle-East and Africa.
66 TCS considers industry verticals as its go-to-market business segments. The five key vertical clusters are: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Retail and Consumer Business, Communications, Media and Technology (CMT), Manufacturing and Others. The last category includes Life Sciences and Healthcare, Energy, Resources and Utilities, Public Services and others.
68 = Financial Overview =
70 TCS’ revenue grew 7.2% in FY 2020, compared to 19.0% in the prior year. Much of the year on year deceleration is on account of the lesser currency benefit received in FY 2020 (7.6% currency benefit in FY 2019 vs 0.1% benefit in FY 2020). Additionally, there was volatility in demand in the financial services and retail verticals.
72 On a consolidated basis, the revenue for FY 2020 was Rs 156,949 crore, higher by 7.2 percent over the previous year’s revenue of Rs 146,463 crore. The profit after tax (PAT) attributable to shareholders and non-controlling interests for FY 2020 and FY 2019 was Rs 32,447 crore and Rs 31,562 crore respectively. The PAT attributable to shareholders for FY 2020 was Rs 32,340 crore registering a growth of 2.8 percent over the PAT of Rs 31,472 crore for FY 2019.
74 On an unconsolidated basis, the revenue for FY 2020 was Rs 131,306 crore, higher by 6.6 percent over the previous year’s revenue of Rs 123,170 crore in FY 2019. The PAT attributable to shareholders for FY 2020 was Rs 33,260 crore registering a growth of 10.6 percent over the PAT of Rs 30,065 crore for FY 2019.
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79 == Outlook ==
81 Global economic growth is projected to contract sharply from 3.3% in 2019 to -3%22 in 2020, much worse than during the 2008-09 financial crisis. Rolling lockdowns and social distancing restrictions on account of the pandemic are expected to significantly impact economic activity in all major markets, and cause demand compression. In the immediate aftermath, enterprises are expected to downscale current investments, defer planned initiatives, cut costs and conserve cash. While this could inject volatility into TCS’ revenue growth, the company expects to gain market share from ensuing vendor consolidations.
83 Demand is expected to increase for services around digital channels, collaboration and workplace transformation, online learning and workforce analytics. Companies are also expected to invest more towards building operational resilience, leveraging analytics, intelligent automation, cloud and cyber security. This is expected to accelerate the adoption of TCS’ Location Independent Agile and Machine First Delivery Model. Increased M&A activity in certain sectors are expected to result in integration and transitional service opportunities for TCS.
85 As economic recovery progresses, enterprises operating with pared down workforces are likely to increase outsourcing to build scale in operations to meet rising demand. Spending on growth and transformation initiatives is also expected to start picking up from that point on.
87 = Recent developments =
89 **September 7, 2020**. TPT South Africa Partners with TCS for Pioneering Logistics Supply Chain Transformation{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
91 Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) in South Africa, part of Transnet SOC Ltd​​​, a state-owned freight transport and handling company, to help the latter develop an integrated online marketplace platform by bringing together cargo owners, shipping lines, clearing and forwarding agents, and road/rail haulers.
93 TPT saw an opportunity to simplify the South African logistics market by creating a connected portal that would provide comprehensive logistics information to cargo owners and logistics players. It partnered with TCS to create the new platform named Cargo Connect, which will function as an online logistics marketplace where customers can submit logistics related requests and allow service providers to bid online. Customers will be able to select the preferred proposal and award the cargo contract to that bidder.
95 This will make the entire request and bid selection process completely transparent, delivering greater value to TPT’s customers. The platform will also help customers remotely track the cargo at every point of the container journey and send automated alerts with critical information, whenever a cargo event occurs. Expected to be ready in 12 months, the Cargo Connect marketplace will reshape the industry and drive TPT’s growth.
97 **July 30, 2020** Vaillant Group Partners with TCS to Drive its Growth and Transformation Program{{footnote}}{{/footnote}}
99 Tata Consultancy Services has expanded its partnership with Vaillant Group, a global leader in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, to streamline the latter’s business processes and implement those on a single, digital enterprise process platform to support its business model transformation and future growth.
101 Family-owned Vaillant Group has a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. In some markets, the processes are highly localized, resulting in siloed data and individual IT structures. To support its growth plans, Vaillant Group plans to implement a unified digital process platform that provides a single source of truth for data and enable enterprise agility.
103 TCS leveraged its contextual knowledge of Vaillant Group’s business to propose a future-proof, robust and flexible digital core solution using SAP S/4HANA and Salesforce. The harmonized end-to-end global business processes and better use of data will help Vaillant Group speed up decision-making and support its global market expansion plans. The digital platform will also help the company accelerate its transformation to a digital-first organization.
105 = References =
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