• Analog Devices is a leading semiconductor company.
  • ADI combines analog, digital and software technologies into solutions.
  • In 2021 Analog Devices acquired Maxim Integrated Products.


Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI, LSE: 0HFN) is a leading semiconductor company.  The company designs, manufactures, tests and markets a broad portfolio of solutions, including integrated circuits (ICs), software and subsystems that leverage high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing technologies.

Recent Developments

AMD and Analog Devices Resolve Patent Infringement Lawsuits1

Nov 17 2022; AMD and Analog Devices, Inc. announced that they have resolved all their ongoing patent litigations, based on mutually agreed upon terms. As part of this resolution, the two companies have committed to pursue technology collaborations to bring next generation solutions to their communications and data center customers.

Acquisition of Maxim Integrated Products

On August 26, 2021 (Acquisition Date), the company completed the acquisition of Maxim, an independent manufacturer of innovative analog and mixed-signal products and technologies. Pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of July 12, 2020 (the Merger Agreement), Maxim stockholders received, for each outstanding share of Maxim common stock, 0.6300 of a share of the Company’s common stock as of the Acquisition Date, for total consideration of approximately $28.0 billion of its common stock. The acquisition of Maxim is referred to as the Acquisition.


Financial Highlights

Nov. 22, 2022; Analog Devices, Inc.  announced financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2022, which ended October 29, 2022.2

Fiscal 2022 revenue of $12 billion; B2B markets of Industrial, Automotive, and Communications each achieved records.

Fiscal 2022 operating cash flow of $4.5 billion and free cash flow of $3.8 billion, or 31% of revenue, after investing a record $699 million in capital expenditures.

Returned $4.6 billion to shareholders through $3.1 billion of share repurchases and $1.5 billion of dividends in fiscal 2022.

Revenue for the twelve-month ended Oct 29, 2022 was $12.014 billion compared to $7.318 billion up 64% last year. Gross income was $ 7.532 while the adjust net adjusted operating income was $ 5.939 billion. Net income for the year was $ 2.75 billion compared to $ 1.39 billion last year.

Outlook for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023

For the first quarter of fiscal 2023, ADI is forecasting revenue of $3.15 billion, +/- $100 million. At the midpoint of this revenue outlook, the company expect reported operating margin of approximately 33.4%, +/- 130 bps and adjusted operating margin of approximately 50.0%, +/- 70 bps. ADI is planning for reported EPS to be $1.71, +/- $0.10, and adjusted EPS to be $2.60, +/- $0.10.

Capital Expenditures

Net additions to property, plant and equipment were $699.3 million in fiscal 2022 and were funded with a combination of cash on hand and cash generated from operations. The company expect capital expenditures for fiscal 2023 to be between 6% and 8% of revenue, which is above its historical levels primarily due to its plans to continue to expand internal manufacturing capacity. These capital expenditures will be funded with a combination of cash on hand and cash expected to be generated from future operations, together with existing and anticipated available short- and long-term financing.


Company Overview

Analog Devices, Inc. is a leading semiconductor company.   ADI combines analog, digital, and software technologies into solutions. The company design, manufacture, test and market a broad portfolio of solutions, including integrated circuits (ICs), software and subsystems that leverage high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing technologies. With reported revenues of more than $12 billion in FY22 and approximately 25,000 people globally working alongside 125,000 global customers,3

Patents and Intellectual Property

ADI has obtained a substantial number of patents and trademarks in the United States and in other countries. As of October 29, 2022, the company held approximately 4,800 U.S. patents and approximately 440 published pending U.S. patent applications.

Products and Solutions

Semiconductor components are the building blocks used in electronic systems and equipment. These components are classified as either discrete devices, such as individual transistors, or as ICs, in which a number of transistors and other elements are combined to form a more complicated electronic circuit.4

  • A/D Converters (ADC)
  • Amplifiers
  • Analog Functions
  • Audio Products
  • Clock and Timing
  • D/A Converters (DAC)
  • Embedded Security and 1-Wire
  • High Speed Logic and Data Path Management
  • iButton and Memory
  • Industrial Ethernet Solutions
  • Interface and Isolation
  • Optical Communications and Sensing
  • Power Management
  • Power Monitor, Control, and Protection
  • Processors and Microcontrollers
  • RF and Microwave
  • Sensors and MEMS
  • Switches and Multiplexers
  • Video Products

Plant locations

Manufacturing and other operations are conducted in several locations worldwide. The following its significant general offices and manufacturing facilities.

Owned:Use Approx Sq. Ft.
Cavite, PhilippinesWafer probe and testing, warehouse, engineering and administrative offices1,518,000 sq. ft.
Wilmington, MACorporate headquarters, wafer fabrication, testing, engineering, sales, marketing and administrative offices826,000 sq. ft.
Limerick, IrelandWafer fabrication, wafer probe and testing, warehouse and distribution, engineering and administrative offices646,000 sq. ft.
San Jose, CAEngineering, sales, marketing and administrative offices435,000 sq. ft.
Beaverton, ORWafer fabrication, engineering and administrative offices432,000 sq. ft.
Penang, MalaysiaWafer probe and testing, assembly and engineering offices364,000 sq. ft.
Chonburi Province,ThailandWafer probe and testing, warehouse, engineering and administrative offices194,000 sq. ft.
Chelmsford, MAFinal assembly of certain module and subsystem-level products, testing, engineering and administrative offices174,000 sq. ft.
Camas, WAWafer fabrication105,000 sq. ft
Leased: UseApprox Sq. Ft.
Bangalore, IndiaEngineering and administrative offices175,000 sq. ft.
San Jose, CAManufacturing, marketing, and administrative offices103,000 sq. ft.


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