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Lyft, Inc. (NASDAQ:LYFT; Class A) is a mobility sharing company established in 2012 that offers Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS). Business segments of the company include ride-hailing, vehicles for hire, motorized scooters, rental cars, mobility as a service, bicycle-sharing system, and food delivery services. Offerings of the company also include access to shared bikes and scooters ("Light Vehicles") for shorter rides and first-mile and last-mile legs of multimodal trips, information about nearby public transit routes, and Lyft Rentals, an offering for renters who want to rent a car for a fixed period of time for personal use. Also, the company offers car maintenance, roadside assistance, and parking.

The company was originally incorporated in 2007 as Bounder Web, Inc., changed its name in 2008 to Zimride, Inc., and again changed in name to Lyft, Inc. in 2013 as the company founded Lyft in 2012.  As of December 31, 2022, the company employed 4,419 employees. It has offices in multiple locations in the U.S. and in Montreal, Canada, Munich, Germany, and Minsk, Belarus.

Lyft is listed on The Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol "LYFT". To date, Lyft has not declared or paid any cash dividend. As of March, 2023, trailing P/E of the company 0.90, P/S (ttm) is 0.84, P/B (mrq) 9.48, revenue per share (ttm) is $11.54, return on equity (ttm) is -183.19%, diluted earnings per share is negative $3.94.


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