• Vinco Ventures, Inc. is a digital media, advertising and content technologies holding company
  • Vinco Ventures, formerly known as Edison Nation, Inc., Xspand Products Lab, Inc. and Idea Lab Products, Inc.
  • In February 2022 the company acquired AdRizer


Vinco Ventures, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBIG), a digital media, advertising and content technologies holding company formerly known as Edison Nation, Inc., Xspand Products Lab, Inc. and Idea Lab Products, Inc., incorporated on July 18, 2017.

Recent Developments

In February 2022 the company acquired AdRizer. The company expect to integrate AdRizer’s Cortex technologies with the Lomotif platform and content and Honey Badger and content to optimize revenue generation opportunities. Vinco Ventures has also invested in activities to generate content for the Lomotif platform and to expand its user base and engagement such as launching LoMoTV, hosting and streaming concerts and celebrity events. The company expect to further this effort by continuing to invest in acquisitions, joint ventures, and growing its own capacity to create and distribute content. For example, the company expect that future joint ventures, licensing, loan financing or other arrangements with ZASH and PZAJ Holdings, LLC will generate entertainment content that the company plan to distribute through the Lomotif platform, among other distribution channels.

Financial Highlights

First Quarter 2022 Results

May 23, 2022 Vinco Ventures, Inc. Reports First Quarter 20221

Revenue increased 349.7% from the first quarter of 2021 to $11.5 million reflecting the impact of the inclusion of AdRizer from its acquisition date of February 11, 2022.

Selling, general and administrative expenses from continuing operations were $26.8 million compared to $11.7 million in first quarter of 2021, an increase of $15.1 million. Of this increase, $10.4 million was due to higher legal, professional and transaction costs primarily associated with the Company’s acquisition of AdRizer. The remaining increase reflects the expanded size and scope of the Company since the first quarter of 2021, including an increase of $4.4 million in advertising, marketing and promotion costs as the Company continues to invest in building market awareness of Lomotif, and an increase of $5.2 million in compensation costs, which reflects the increase in headcount over the past year as the Company has grown internally and through the acquisition of AdRizer as well as the consolidation of the compensation costs of Lomotif since July 2021.

Total other income and expenses in the first quarter of 2022 were a net expense $352.9 million as compared to a net expense of $51.5 million in the first quarter of 2021.

Net loss in first quarter 2022 was $372.9 million, or ($3.05) per basic and diluted share, compared to a net loss of $62.5 million, or ($3.28) per basic and diluted share in the first quarter of 2021. The increase in net loss primarily resulted from the impact of the net other expense of $330.6 million resulting from the warrant accounting requirements described above which accounted for 87% of the Company’s net loss in the first quarter of 2022 as well as transaction costs associated with the Company’s acquisition of AdRizer.

As of March 31, 2022, Vinco Ventures wholly-owned subsidiaries included: AdRizer, LLC (“AdRizer”), Cryptyde, Inc. (“Cryptyde”), Cryptyde Shared Services, LLC, TBD Safety, LLC, Vinco Ventures Shared Services LLC, Ferguson Containers, Inc. (“Ferguson”), CBAV1, LLC, Pirasta, LLC (“Pirasta”), Honey Badger Media LLC (“Honey Badger”), EVNT Platform LLC dba Emmersive Entertainment (“EVNT”), BlockHiro, LLC and Edison Nation Holdings, LLC. Edison Nation Holdings, LLC is the single member of Edison Nation, LLC and Everyday Edisons, LLC. Edison Nation, LLC is the single member of Safe TV Shop, LLC. Vinco Ventures owns a 50% voting membership interest and a 25% economic interest after return of unreturned capital contributions in ZVV Media Partners, LLC (“ZVV”), 50% of Best Party Concepts, LLC and 75% of Global Clean Solutions, LLC, all of which are consolidated as variable interest entities (“VIEs”) with noncontrolling interests. ZVV owns 80% of the outstanding equity interests in Lomotif Private Limited (“Lomotif”). Lomotif owns 100% of Lomotif, Inc. Vinco Ventures owns a 51% voting membership interest in CW Machines, LLC (“CW Machines”), which is consolidated under the voting interest method.


Business Overview

Vinco Ventures: Focused on Digital Media and Content Technologies

Vinco Ventures, formerly known as Edison Nation, Inc., Xspand Products Lab, Inc. and Idea Lab Products, Inc., is a Nevada corporation incorporated on July 18, 2017. In connection with the acquisition of an 80% equity interest in Lomotif by ZVV, its joint venture with ZASH in 2021, and its recent acquisition of AdRizer, Vinco Ventures is transitioning from focusing on innovation, development and commercialization of end-to-end consumer products to innovation, development and commercialization of digital media and content technologies. The company currently operate the platforms and businesses described below through its significant subsidiaries and consolidated variable interest entities:2

Video-Sharing Social Networking Platform

Lomotif and the Lomotif App - ZVV currently owns an 80% equity interest in Lomotif, a Singapore-based video-sharing social networking platform that is committed to democratizing video creation. The Lomotif app allows its users to create their own music videos by selecting pictures and videos from the camera, mixing them up with music and automatically transforming clips into music videos. Lomotif users can watch videos of other creators on the Lomotif platform and share their videos on the Lomotif platform or on various third-party social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. The Lomotif platform offers LoMoTV, a digital entertainment and lifestyle content network offering original programming.

The Lomotif app is available in the Apple and Google stores and is as a grassroots social community with dedicated users spanning from Asia, South America to the United States. As of the date of this Annual Report, Lomotif has not generated significant revenue and Vinco Ventures is developing means to monetize the content creation and streaming capabilities of the Lomotif platform including its plan to leverage the AdRizer technologies to enable advertisers to more effectively engage with the Lomotif platform, content and its users.

End-to-End Fully Integrated Programmatic Advertising Platform

AdRizer and the Cortex Platform – The company's wholly-owned subsidiary AdRizer provides technology solutions to automate the use of artificial intelligence for digital advertising analytics and programmatic media buying through its core platform, Cortex. Cortex provides real-time analytics for marketing spend and revenue optimization and delivers adcampaign creation, optimalization and monetization at scale. Cortex integrates with various traffic partners, including Google, MSN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others, and is able to deliver real-time attribution against a wide range of advertiser and publisher metrics such as revenue by source, author, article, and conversion event. AdRizer targets advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers and other advertising technology companies as its audience for the Cortex platform offerings.

AdRizer generates revenue from the Cortex platform through two major sources: (1) the traffic acquisition of digital advertising spaces to advertisers from multiple digital advertising technologies, and (2) developing marketing campaigns and strategies for some of the top direct-to-customers (“DTC”) companies. The company believe that AdRizer’s Cortex platform will allow small- to medium-sized enterprises with an efficient and effective end-to-end, fully integrated platform that allows its users to control their marketing and branding campaigns in real-time. The company also expect to integrate AdRizer’s technologies with the Lomotif platform and content and the Honey Badger digital commerce company.

Streaming Music Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) Platform – The company's wholly-owned subsidiary EVNT Platform LLC, dba Emmersive Entertainment (“EVNT”) offers a platform for artists and content owners to distribute their intellectual property. EVNT’s proprietary streaming process seeks to make NFT’s affordable by seeking to reduce mining fees with the goal of enabling fans to engage with content in new ways with EVNT’s multi-media delivery system. EVNT generates revenue from the development of custom, digital artwork and digital music that is sold in the form of non-fungible tokens through a third-party marketplace.

Full-Service Digital Commerce Company

Honey Badger - The company's wholly-owned subsidiary Honey Badger offers a full-service digital commerce strategies which is focused on brand specific messaging and designing comprehensive digital campaigns from creation to monetization for celebrities and influencers. As a digital commerce company, Honey Badger leverages millions plus followers in the network to grow advertiser-based revenue as well as Vinco’s brands and holdings. Honey Badger generates revenue from providing digital marketing services for brands and influencers.

New Consumer Product Development and Commercialization Platform

Edison Nation – Led by its wholly-owned subsidiary Edison Nation, LLC, (‘Edison Nation”) the company provide a platform to match an innovator’s intellectual property with vertical consumer product category leaders in a licensing structure whereby the innovator can earn up to 50% of the contracted licensing fee. Product categories include kitchenware, small appliances, toys, pet care, baby products, health & beauty aids, entertainment venue merchandise, and housewares. The company also have a number of internally developed brands (“EN Brands”) which act as a launchpad for new innovative items that have matriculated through the innovation portal. These EN Brands include Cloud B, Pirasta, Uber Mom, Lily and Grey, Trillion Trees, and Barkley Lane. Additionally, the company offer a partnership model for entrepreneurs and businesses that are seeking to elevate their existing brands. Recent partnerships for Vinco Ventures include 4Keeps Roses and Mother K. Within the partnership model, the Company seeks to identify new lines of distribution and provide innovation through development of new items that enhance the brand’s overall image and consumer adoption. Edison Nation generates revenue primarily from the sale of personal protective equipment, consumer products and licensing of products for intellectual property owners.

Cryptyde Businesses Expected to be Spun-Off

Cryptyde – The company's wholly-owned subsidiary Crytypde, Inc. plans to offer three initial business lines, Web3 (decentralized internet) products, Bitcoin mining services, and consumer packaging operated by Ferguson Containers, Incl (“Ferguson”). Through its Web3 products business line, Cryptyde will seek to acquire and build brands that use decentralized blockchain technologies in a variety of consumer-facing industries, such as music, movies, digital art, ticketing and event services, and gaming. Cryptyde’s Bitcoin mining services will aim to make Bitcoin mining accessible to consumers previously priced out of the area. Ferguson manufactures and sells custom packaging for a variety of products and is expected to offer revenue streams for the spun-off business.


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