• Synopsys, Inc is global leader in supplying the electronic design automation software
  • Synopsys has approximately 125 offices worldwide.


Synopsys, Inc (Nasdaq: SNPS, LSE:0LBP) is a global leader in supplying electronic design automation software that engineers use to design and test integrated circuits also known as chips.

Recent Developments

AI-designed Chips Reach Scale with First 100 Commercial Tape-outs Using Synopsys Technology1

February 07, 2023; Synopsys, Inc. reaches scale for AI-driven chip designs as major semiconductor customers register the first 100 commercial tape-outs with the company's award-winning Synopsys™ autonomous design system. Recent customers, including STMicroelectronics and SK hynix, have all seen significant uplifts in productivity and PPA, and are now charting a new design course using reinforcement learning-enabled design tools on cloud and on-premise.

By using Synopsys (Design Space Optimization AI) the companies are setting a blistering pace for the development of advanced-node chips through the key design phases. Results from customers since the launch of Synopsys speak for themselves: more than 3x productivity increases, up to 25% lower total power and significant reduction in die size, with reduced use of overall resources.

STMicroelectronics (ST), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is using cloud-based versions of to generate extra momentum on the most intensive design phases. STMicroelectronics taped-out using Synopsys coupled with Synopsys Fusion Compiler™ and Synopsys IC Compiler™ II physical implementation tools.


Financial Highlights

Revenues were $5.1 billion, an increase of $877.3 million or 21%, due to higher revenue resulting from growth across all products and geographies.

Total cost of revenue and operating expenses were $3.9 billion, an increase of $450.1 million or 13%, primarily due to increases of $379.2 million in employee-related costs resulting from headcount increases through organic growth and acquisitions.

The increase in cost of revenue for fiscal 2022 compared to fiscal 2021 was primarily due to $102.7 million in employee-related costs as a result of headcount increases from organic growth and acquisitions, $51.7 million in hardware-related costs, $18.4 million in amortization of technology-related intangible assets, $16.4 million in costs to fulfill IP consulting arrangements, and $12.7 million in facility costs. These increases were partially offset by a decrease of $11.5 million in the fair value of its executive deferred compensation plan assets.

Operating income was $1.2 billion, an increase of $427.2 million or 58%, as revenue growth exceeded the growth in costs and expenses.

As of October 31, 2022, the company held $1.6 billion in cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments. The company also held $2.3 million in restricted cash primarily associated with deposits for office leases. The company's cash equivalents consisted primarily of taxable money market mutual funds, time deposits and highly liquid investments with maturities of three months or less.


Company Overview

Founded as a synthesis company in 1986, Synopsys is now the leader in electronic design automation and semiconductor IP, and Synopsys is growing its leadership in software security solutions. Synopsys has approximately 125 offices worldwide.

List of acquisitions throughout its 30+ year history.2

Verification & PrototypingChip Design Silicon IPSilicon Engineering Software Security & Quality
2020 Terrain Technologies2022 FishTail Design Automation2020 INVECAS IP2021 Semi and Flat Panel Display Solutions (from BISTel)2022 WhiteHat Security
2019 DINI Group2021 Concertio2019 eSilicon IP2020 Light Tec2021 Code Dx
2019 QTronic GmbH2020 Moortec2018 Silicon and Beyond2018 PhoeniX Software2020 Tinfoil Security
2016 WinterLogic2020 Dorado DA2018 Kilopass Technology2016 Gold Standard Simulations2017 Black Duck Software
2015 Atrenta2020 Qualtera2017 Sidense Corporation2016 Simpleware2017 Forcheck
2012 SpringSoft2012 Ciranova2015 Bluetooth Smart IP (from Silicon Vision)2014 Brandenburg Gmbh2016 Codiscope
2012 EVE2012 Magma2015 Elliptic2012 RSoft Design Group2016 Cigital
2012 ExpertIO2011 Extreme DA2014 Target Compiler2012 Mask Synthesis (from Luminescent Technologies)2015 Goanna Software
2011 nSys2010 Synfora2012 SerDes IP (from MoSys)2010 Optical Research Associates2015 Protecode
2010 ZeroSoft2009 TeraRoute2012 Inventure2006 SIGMA-C2015 Seeker (from Quotium)
2010 VaST Systems2009 Gemini2010 Virage Logic2005 HPL Technologies2015 Codenomicon
2010 Nusym2007 Sandwork2009 MIPS Analog2004 ISE2014 Kalistick
2010 CoWare2005 Nassda2007 MOSAID SIP2003 Numerical Technologies2014 Coverity
2008 Synplicity2004 Monterey2005 TriCN  
2008 CHIPit (from ProDesign)2004 iRoC SA2004 LEDA Design  
2007 ArchPro2004 ADA2004 Cascade  
2006 Virtio2003 InnoLogic Systems2004 Accelerant  
2003 Qualis VIP2002 Avanti2004 Progressant  
2002 Co-Design Automation2000 The Silicon Group 1999 Gambit2002 inSilicon  
2001 C Level Design1999 Stanza1995 Silicon Architects  
2000 Leda SA1998 Everest1993 Compiled Designs  
2000 VirSim (from Innoveda)1997 EPIC   
1999 Covermeter (from Advanced Technology Center)1997 Advanced Test Technologies   
1999 Apteq    
1998 Systems Science    
1998 Radiant    
1997 Viewlogic    
1995 Arkos    
1994 Logic Modeling    
1994 CADIS    
1994 Arcad    
1993 Fault Simulation (from ExperTest)    
1990 Zycad    

Products and Services

The company's Semiconductor & System Design segment includes the EDA, IP and System Integration and Other revenue categories.3


Designing ICs involves many complex steps, including, among others architecture definition, register transfer level (RTL) design, functional/RTL verification, logic design or synthesis, gate-level verification, floorplanning, place and route, and physical verification. Designers use its EDA products to automate the IC design process, reduce errors and enable more powerful and robust designs.

IP and System Integration

IP Products - the number of third-party IP blocks incorporated into designs is rapidly increasing. The company provide the broadest, most comprehensive portfolio of high quality, silicon-proven IP solutions for SoCs. The company offer a broad portfolio of IP that has been optimized to address specific application requirements for the mobile, automotive, digital home, Internet of things, and cloud computing markets, enabling designers to quickly develop SoCs in these areas.

Software Integrity Segment

The company's Software Integrity segment helps organizations align people, processes and technology to intelligently address software risks across their portfolio and at all stages of the application lifecycle. The testing tools, services, and programs enable its customers to manage open source license compliance and detect, prioritize, and remediate security vulnerabilities and defects across their entire software development lifecycle. The company's offerings include security and quality testing products, managed services, programs and professional services, and training offered as onpremises and cloud-based delivery.


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